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Here are 10 really good reasons why you should partner with GreenEDU.
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1. Instant Online Presence

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are just the tip of the iceberg on how we help you find students...
Our training partners get the online presence they've always dreamt of.

2. Our Current Partners Love Us

As the old saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding."
Here are a couple of our partners that have some very sweet things to say about GreenEDU.

RGA Environmental

First off let me tell you how THRILLED we are with all of our new students! It's a pleasure to see our classes filling up - it makes it so much better for both our students and teachers. And I won't even mention the revenues because you already know we're excited about that!
Thanks so much for having such a great business model that's making us both happy.
- JoAnn Copperud, CEO
RGA Environmental, Inc. (Seattle, WA)

Contractors State License Services

Since we have partnered with Green Education Services course registrations have increased substantially. In the Southern part of California we had been cancelling classes which we no longer do. In our first full month we exceeded all expectations - in one of our classes, more than 50% of the clients were from GreenEDU! We are very happy with our relationship and it has thus far been a win-win for both of the companies.
- Gary McAdam, Principal Instructor
Contractor State License Schools (Los Angeles, CA)

3. Student Reviews

We request that every single GreenEDU student rates their instructor and they love to give you feedback.
You know that you're teaching is top notch, but we give you the platform to prove that with the world.

On your registration pages...

Each student review shows up on your customized registration pages, and only reviews for the specific courses are shown.

On your profile...

All feedback is aggregated for each partner and displayed on your personalized profile page (see #8 to learn more).

On the event overviews...

We take every single review from all of our trainers and display them for all to see on course overview pages. Everybody wins.

4. Risk Free

There are no subscription fees or upfront costs, and there never will be.
Joining our network of trainers takes just minutes and we are motivated by YOUR success.

5. Marketing Support

The GreenEDU team understands who needs your training and we know where to find them.
With a diverse and robust approach to marketing, we get the word out while you sit back and relax.

6. Real-time Reporting

You receive instant verification when someone purchases a ticket to your classes.
We even send you a full roster the day before class to ensure no registration is overlooked.

7. Advanced Registration System

Remember that time you wanted to make an online registration system but it was way too expensive?
Well, we spent four years doing it and love the result so much we can't wait to share it with you.

8. Business Showcase

Every GreenEDU training partner receives a personalized profile page that shows off
only your classes, student reviews, trainer stats, company overview and more.

9. Community Of Resources

GreenEDU's community of 478 trainers across the United States provides 1,678 class types in 4,584 locations.
Join us for FREE to learn about new course trends, ask your peers a question, or partner up to tackle some new training.

10. Niche Target Market

Our students are just the folks you've been looking for, and they are looking for you.
Having sold tickets to 5,000+ events in over 500 cities, we have a lot of friends.

We know we said 10 reasons, but our staff always turns it up to 11.

The GreenEDU support team is here for you from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday in our New York City office.
Our partners always come first and when you join our team you join our family.

Shall we proceed?

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