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Contractor Licensing and Renewal by Green Education Services

The Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) has approved continuing education requirements for licensed construction supervisors in the state of Massachusetts. Licensees who renew a license or are issued a first-time license on or after July 1, 2011 shall be expected to fully comply with education requirements following a full two-year cycle. A qualifying Construction Supervisor licensee must provide proof of completion of required hours in the appropriate category in which the licensee is licensed (Restricted, Unrestricted or Specialty). Unrestricted Licensees Need 12 Hours Every Two (2) Years; Restricted Licensees Need 10 Hours Every Two (2) Years; Specialty Contractors (Masonry, Roofing, Windows/Siding, Demolition, Insulation) Need Six (6) Hours Every Two (2) Years. Register today for this 12-Hour Continuing Education Package to fulfill the necessary requirements to renew your Construction Supervisor License (CSL)!

Please Note:  There is a 4-hour CEU offering for individuals who want to renew their CSL and are also qualified Lead Renovators who have received 8-hours of continuing education from the RRP course.

What's included
  • 12-Hour interactive workshop with an experienced instructor
  • Earn the necessary CEUs for your MA Construction Supervisor License (CSL) renewal
  • Printed manuals and OSHA publications for use in the field
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Below are the most recent student reviews for previous MA Construction Supervisor License (CSL) Continuing Education - 12 Hours Courses.

Average Rating: (4.8 out of 5 stars - 53 student reviews)

Calvin Y. Calvin Y.

- Attended class on November 17, 2015

It could not be much better
The instructor Christine is a natural
Learned a lot, it was interesting, had fun, was treated with respect and consideration
I always enjoy it
Always learn some thing new from this class and classmates, much better than some web site
Would also be interesting if a few mechanical topics from the code book were discussed, like the new anchor bolt system for foundations
Any class Christine would teach will be worth the time and class fee
I also enjoy her candid stories related to the subjects

Matthew B. Matthew B.

- Attended class on November 9, 2015

For dry material it is pretty entertaining

Maureen F. Maureen F.

- Attended class on September 15, 2015

Christine is an awesome instructor! I had her as an instructor two years ago too. She makes the class interesting while at the same time teaching you about the new codes/laws/updates. It's a very informative class.

I hope she continues to teach she is the best!!

Stephen M. Stephen M.

- Attended class on July 31, 2015

The instructors were very knowledgeable and really easy to listen to.

Mark M. Mark M.

- Attended class on July 21, 2015

Instructor was very knowledgeable. He helped make a dry subject more interesting.

Albert D. Albert D.

- Attended class on June 23, 2015

The instructors did a great Job teaching the courses but one thing that would be good if they had separate courses for commercial building and 1 and 2 family

James Q. James Q.

- Attended class on May 13, 2015

When taking CEU's The fear is that you'll be trapped in
a 12 hour time warp, kind of a contractor detention. Our instructor Christine was energized and worked hard to keep the pace and interest level high and also to draw
upon the real life experiences of the attendee's to
everyones benefit. This is something you can't get with
an online course.

John B. John B.

- Attended class on April 6, 2015

Peter did a good job of presenting relevant material that keeps me update to many of the issues that arise.Thanks.

Peter H. Peter H.

- Attended class on March 16, 2015

Peter is very knowledgeable in lead safe as well as many other fields in construction .

michael h. michael h.

- Attended class on March 16, 2015

Peter was very informative,easy to follow and knowledgable.he seems to have a nack for talking and entertaining.a very good experience. I will look to his company for further education.
Thank you.

Todd C. Todd C.

- Attended class on March 16, 2015

Good up to date info. Good real life, actual job site naration. Will be call again to renew.

Richard H. Richard H.

- Attended class on January 12, 2015

All aspects of this one day training were excellent. The facilities, the instructor, the material covered, the food....alll exceeded my expectations. I will have no hesitations in the future to sign up for more continuing education courses pertinent to the Mass. Building Code.

James M. James M.

- Attended class on January 12, 2015

The instructor is very informative.Keeps the class interesting.It didn't drag like other classes I've taken.Great speaker.

Ross G. Ross G.

- Attended class on January 12, 2015

Interesting and well paced. Great instructor

Brian P B. Brian P B.

- Attended class on October 24, 2014


Robert A. Robert A.

- Attended class on October 15, 2014

All segments discussed had very good and practical examples that keep the class interesting and engaging for the participants.


- Attended class on October 15, 2014

It was a great course. Very informative. Learned a lot and helped renew thing I may have forgotten. Peter was an excellent instructor keeps things moving and gelled classes interest. His hands on experience was a true bonus.

Rockwood H. Rockwood H.

- Attended class on September 29, 2014

Class was excellent. Hopefully sometime in the future more time can be spent on code changes and issues. Hope to see you again in 2 years. 5 stars from me. Thanks

Sam M. Sam M.

- Attended class on September 9, 2014

Great instructor with real work experience running a business in my industry. Trained trainers only have so much utility. Those thy have actually lived the work are always the best trainers.

Rene R. Rene R.

- Attended class on April 30, 2014

Realy enjoyed the class that Christine taught. She was well organized and had lots of personal storied to tell that tied the course material together.

Well done Christine !


Michael M. Michael M.

- Attended class on March 31, 2014

Very informative and educational. Friendly instructor.

Peter T. Peter T.

- Attended class on February 26, 2014

Peter was awesome... class was very well done.. room was to cold . Food was good

Jason R. Jason R.

- Attended class on February 21, 2014

The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class very interesting. He was also someone that has been in the field, so it wasn't like you were listing to some that has been sitting behind a desk.

Stephen L. Stephen L.

- Attended class on February 21, 2014

It was great to have an instructor that we could relate to. He was in the business and made all the mistakes that we have made. For once I was at attention the whole time.

David M. David M.

- Attended class on February 4, 2014

Really learned alot.

Richard B. Richard B.

- Attended class on January 7, 2014

Christine made the class entertaining. She had many stories to share in relation to the course content. The time went by quickly and was informative. I was happy I decided to take the course.

Phillip P. Phillip P.

- Attended class on January 7, 2014

He was an excellent instructor and kept your interest and explained the topic clearly. A tribute to your program.

Thank you

Richards P. Richards P.

- Attended class on January 7, 2014

Peter does a great job, I wish I had more time to sit in more of his classes

David C. David C.

- Attended class on November 15, 2013

was a good instructer

Gerard M. Gerard M.

- Attended class on November 5, 2013

Excellent instructor, very informative.

Chris B. Chris B.

- Attended class on November 5, 2013

Christine was terrific!
She definitely helped make the class more interesting and I got a lot out of the class because of it.


- Attended class on October 24, 2013

very helpful

Robert P. Robert P.

- Attended class on October 24, 2013

peter was great keep things moving along and made them interesting very helpful that he has real work experience in the trades

Darryl G. Darryl G.

- Attended class on October 24, 2013

The class was informative. Pete was knowledgeable and explained questions thoroughly. I will definitely use this training service in the future.

Steven D. Steven D.

- Attended class on October 17, 2013

Peter was a great instructor! His knowledge and delivery kept everyone awake for the entire 12 hours!! He incorporated humor and personal history on every topic. The only thing that was better then the instructor was the food LOL!

Michael B. Michael B.

- Attended class on October 17, 2013

Instructor was great, very knowledgeable, good to have an instructor with real life experience

David G. David G.

- Attended class on October 2, 2013

After over 25 years of having a license, I felt it was going to be just an exercise in meeting my requirements to maintain a license. I quickly realized I had been missing something all these years, that this program definately offered. A change in thinking, how to motivate, engage and care for employees and yes your customers. In addition, the benefits that can be derived from using all the standards as a selling point. The instructor, engaged and clearly understood what many in the class went thru in their daily businesses. His knowledge base came from many years having done the same mistakes we all make. I would highly recommend this program and this instructor and no contractor could leave with out intending to make significant improvements in their own operations.

scott t. scott t.

- Attended class on October 2, 2013

The course was very informative.I will put to use some of the practices talked about in this course.Peter was very energetic and had a lot of great first hand knowledge to share with us .It was more than i expected. Thanks ,Scott

Randy L. Randy L.

- Attended class on October 2, 2013


Marla C. Marla C.

- Attended class on October 1, 2013

The course was very interesting and a great refresher on safety, updated code items, energy, business practices and the importance of containing lead. I am glad I took it.
The Instructor was very energetic and knowledgeable about these courses.

Paul M. Paul M.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Our instructor was just great and extremely knowledgeable and personable.

I highly recommend our instructor !!!

Tommy H. Tommy H.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Peter was very clear in his delivery. He kept his presentation very interesting throughout it's entirety. i look forward to my continuing education in the future, with him being involved

Paul A. Paul A.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Peter certainly knows his stuff. Splitting it into 2 days was very helpful.

gerard c. gerard c.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Really really good.

Chris R. Chris R.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Peter was a very good instructor. You could tell he loved to teach and he was very knowledgable of all the material. Nice to have a person who has actually "been there" giving you insight and instruction. It wasn't a chore to go to these classes, you learned something useful all the time. Would definitely do it again with him.

Paula M. Paula M.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Instructor is excellent at presenting great course content. Never a dull moment!

John E. John E.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Pete is a great instructor, keeps you interested in the class. I would sit in any class that he teaches.

Carl C. Carl C.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

Well worth it, great all round knowledge, entertaining yet extremely informative.

Jeff M. Jeff M.

- Attended class on September 11, 2013

instructor was educated in the field and was a great speak


- Attended class on September 9, 2013

Very knowledgeable
Held class' attention
Nice personality

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