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Interested in becoming a LEED AP, but don't have the recommended LEED project experience? Take your career to the next level and prepare yourself for the LEED AP exam by taking our intensive LEED Project Experience Program! Aspiring LEED APs will not only develop an in-depth understanding of the various phases of a LEED certification project, but also gain the specific knowledge, tools and skills necessary to help them pass the LEED AP exam. Click 'View Details' on any of the events below for more information.

What's included
  • Real project experience on a LEED project
  • Interactive online training with a live instructor
  • Short project assignments to apply and test your new skills and knowledge
  • Detailed tutorials on LEED project documentation requirements & project calculations
  • Letter of attestation for LEED AP Exam Eligibility
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craig e. craig e.

- Attended class on August 8, 2013

Good course for gaining on line experience and reasonably priced. Thank you.

Charlene M. Charlene M.

- Attended class on April 4, 2013

I appreciate all the practical information that was presented. I very much appreciate the flexibility built into the program, and that everything is available online.


- Attended class on February 7, 2013

Very good course. Jeslin, our instructor was knowledgeable and helpful. Do recommend the class. Thank you!

Ana C. Ana C.

- Attended class on February 7, 2013

Thank you very much! My webinar was held by Jeslin and I appreciated the instructors knowledge of the topics we went over, and the ability they had to make the online class enjoyable and productive. Every question we had was answered...
Looking forward to the exam!

james S. james S.

- Attended class on February 7, 2013

Very knowledgable,organised and proffessional.Sometimes i had a bit of difficulty with his accent,but other than that i was very pleased with the instructor and the course.I will continue to use this school if trainings match my needs thanks james

Shawn S. Shawn S.

- Attended class on December 6, 2012

Jeslin is very knowlegable with LEED. He did a great job answering all our questions. He also really helped increase our understanding of each credit with examples while going through the presentations. He always maintained a professional attitude and a friendly personality. Thanks for a great course.

Jeffrey S. Jeffrey S.

- Attended class on November 8, 2012

Jeslin was a great instructor. He clearly explained all the material, did not move too fast/slow and always made time to answer questions from the class. Great job Jeslin!

John P. John P.

- Attended class on November 8, 2012

I really enjoyed this class. The instructor was very helpful when asked specific questions that did not necessarily have to deal with the project we were working on but just LEED in general. It was so interesting and helpful to hear an experienced LEED designer get to share his experiences with the class.

Mirjana D. Mirjana D.

- Attended class on November 8, 2012

it was a very good experience

Akhila Vijayanpillai S. Akhila Vijayanpillai S.

- Attended class on November 8, 2012


Shabrin Vengad H. Shabrin Vengad H.

- Attended class on November 8, 2012


Naomi R. Naomi R.

- Attended class on October 4, 2012

Very informative and helpful with questions. During sessions if a question was answered more than once by different people, he answered them again to ensure that they were aware of the answer. Also very positive and as enthusiastic as I was about this class.

Ronald O. Ronald O.

- Attended class on October 4, 2012

Very knowledgeable.

Joni T. Joni T.

- Attended class on October 4, 2012

The webinar covered so much information in such a short time and the instructor was very attentive and responsive to all questions relayed via the chat box. I learned a lot in such a short time. Participation in an actual project was key as it allowed my to look at the concepts in a "real world" application.

Pamela B. Pamela B.

- Attended class on September 6, 2012

I really enjoyed the class, and the instructor was very clear, helpful, and responsive! Thank you!

Ansam A. Ansam A.

- Attended class on September 6, 2012

Great webinar , I have learned a lot , thanks to the team.

Casey J. Casey J.

- Attended class on September 6, 2012

Awesome service!!! Im looking forward to enrolling in the LEED exam prep in January!

Thanks for all the help, I passed the GA with flying colors