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LEED Green Associate
Exam Prep (Tier 1)

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

For those just beginning a career in green building or getting started with LEED.
LEED Green Associate is the first credential in LEED certification. GreenEDU's in-person seminar is the best way to guarantee your success on the LEED Exam. Learn More About
LEED GA Exam Prep »

LEED AP+ Exam Prep
(Tier 2)

LEED AP Exam Prep

For current Green Associates or experienced LEED professionals.
Signify your green building expertise by passing the LEED AP exam. GreenEDU's exam prep courses provide an in-depth analysis of LEED and sustainable design principles. Learn More About
LEED AP Exam Prep »

LEED Continuing Education (CMP)

Online LEED Certification

Already LEED Accredited?
Our catalogue of online continuing education courses makes it easy to renew your LEED credential. You can take one course at a time or even find complete packages for any of your LEED Continuing Ed CMP training needs! Learn More About

Group & Corporate
LEED Training

In-House LEED Training

Have a group and want us to come to you?
We can bring our expert LEED Certification training directly to your office! Save time & money by consolidating your training needs into a customized training solution for the whole team. Learn More About
LEED Group Seminars »

The Benefits of LEED Certification

Leave the Competition Behind. Whether you are a freelance designer, or head of a multi-million dollar corporation, it is important to stay on top of the cutting edge trends in your industry. In this economy, you can't risk losing out on bids and potential business because you aren't in the know. Having an Accredited Professional on staff can be a highly marketable asset. For example, did you know that all GBCI registered projects that have an Accredited Professional on the job receive an extra point towards the project certification? This easy, single point can be the difference between the project being awarded a Gold versus Silver status. This is just one of many examples of why having an Accredited Professional on staff can give you an edge over your competition.

Signify Your Green Building Expertise. You've worked hard to become educated on green building concepts and strategies. Turn this knowledge into a tangible credential, developed and backed by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Green Associate and Accredited Professional credentials have gained national and global notoriety as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system becomes one of the most widely used standards for green building and design. Having these credentials after your name and on your resume will help you become a more attractive candidate for green jobs, consulting gigs, and other opportunities in the green building field.

New Directions, New Business. Capitalize on the Green Collar economy. Whether you are looking to start a new career path, or develop new business for your company, accreditation can be a stepping-stone to new contacts and new opportunities for success in the green building and design fields.

Make a Difference in How We Design & Build. Many current methods used in the building industry can be harmful to our planet, our communities, and even our health. Take action towards improving this system, by learning and implementing more sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient practices. Whether it's developing improved waste management strategies, or spearheading the installation of a green roof, individuals of all skills and backgrounds can play an integral role in promoting and implementing this change.

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Earning Your Credential

With LEED Exam Prep courses available as public courses, in-house training, and online webinars, becoming accredited has never been easier! Green Education Services provides you with the necessary tools to pass the Green Associate and AP exams on the first try. Schedule a course today to begin the accreditation process!

If you still have questions about GreenEDU's training, please click here and complete the required fields on our contact form.

Recent LEED Certification Student Reviews

   By Don H. - Attended class on March 23, 2015

Instructor was very engaging, articulate and thorough with the material.

Very glad I decided to take the course....instructor was just great.

   By Raymond K. - Attended class on March 17, 2015

Too much material for just two days, no real time to review material in class.

   By Sharon H. - Attended class on March 13, 2015

Lisa was wonderful and is obviously very knowledgable about working to achieve LEED certification, the exam material, and exam preparation. She was very energetic and I appreciate that she is available after the class via email for questions. Thanks, Lisa!

   By Dan H. - Attended class on March 13, 2015

very good and made it interesting and fun

   By Travis C. - Attended class on March 13, 2015

Instructor was great, but hard to follow the slides at some points. The Powerpoint didn't match the course hand out, and various times we had to cross out or revise the course hand out. Instructor was great!

   By Brad H. - Attended class on March 2, 2015

the course covered a lot of material in a short time. I feel that I know what I need to do to continue preparation for the exam. I am hopeful of passing we''ll see.

   By Marshall F. - Attended class on February 26, 2015

As the only present student attending, Jean was not discouraged and conducted the private lesson with a great sense of professionalism. Thank You!

   By Justin H. - Attended class on February 25, 2015

Very informative and broad grasp of the program. She was well prepared and well organized in her presentation.
Clearly covering a lot of material in such a short window is quite commendable. Kudos!

   By Philip W. - Attended class on February 25, 2015

Great info, good pace...enjoyed ever minute !

   By julia n. - Attended class on February 19, 2015

Great personality! Very friendly and knowledgeable. Time passed by fast and effective. Would recommend this class to anybody. A lot of useful information and study materials. Thank you

   By Serra U. - Attended class on February 19, 2015

A very well organised course. Jean is great, very helpful and passionate about what she teaches which makes her caring and successful tutor. The course content is very clear and the time was well managed throughout the workshop. With this workshop, practice test GBCI sends you afterwards and some reviewing of the material will be sufficient to pass the test.

   By Raymond K. - Attended class on February 19, 2015

Jean was great i would highly recommend her.

   By Eric H. - Attended class on February 17, 2015

Michael did a wonderful job at making the information accessible and helping the class become ready for the exam.

   By Paul H. - Attended class on February 17, 2015

Our instructor was very good and obviously knew his subject matter but although he encouraged questions, he seemed at time like he was going through the material very quickly.

   By BENITA M. - Attended class on February 17, 2015

I think the material was well covered. Unfortunately, the commute to and from Sorrento Valley was terrible. 2hours to and from, and that was just my commute. 4 hours on the road sucks. Especially when I am 19 miles away. I believe I will pass the exam, and our instructor left his availability if we need to contact him. We did have someone in our class that talked a bit too much, and he knew more, which took away from the learning we needed. The instructor picked up on it, and tried to make sure that everyone was included in the dialogue not just the know it all. He was very distracting, and took away from a couple other guys who were having some difficulty with the material. But it is up to us to make sure we get the studying in, memorize what we need and get the exam over with. I have already scheduled my exam for next month, and hope I do well to pass. The rest is up to me to cover the material and put the study time in. Thank you.

   By Noel G. - Attended class on February 17, 2015

I understand there is a lot of information to cover; the class went by fast and the instructor was knowledgeable.

   By Kathleen H. - Attended class on February 10, 2015

She was very knowledgeable and informative. I liked that she gave us a lot of breaks and was always willing to answer the questions we had.

   By Sean M. - Attended class on February 10, 2015

She was very informative and taught the class well.

I liked the handouts and book for studying and I think it is in a helpful format for studying.

   By Angela C. - Attended class on January 16, 2015

Wonderful and informative. Class did not drag and Jean really emphasized what we need to know for the test.

   By Lisa C. - Attended class on January 16, 2015

Jean gave me a very good understanding of the steps necessary to becoming a LEED Green Associate. She also elucidated the importance of furthering the implementation of sustainable construction and design across all types of structures and climates.

   By Michael B. - Attended class on January 13, 2015

Concise and thorough. Instructor was helpful and I would recommend it to anyone.

   By Christian S. - Attended class on January 13, 2015

The instructor was very knowledgeable of the content and the variations between the old and the new versions. Very laid back but interactive atmosphere was very positive, welcomed, and productive.

There were a few questions that were asked that were very specific to particular projects that were asked that were answered to the best of the instructors ability based on how it would be considered under the old standards vs. the new standards. These moments were very engaging and another positive point in the class.

Overall, a good experience.

   By Jim N. - Attended class on January 13, 2015

Knowledgeable and hard working. Flexible with schedule. Sincerely wanted us to learn the material and do well on the exam.

   By Luke R. - Attended class on January 13, 2015

The course was a helpful professional environment. Could have been vastly improved if the instructor was LEED AP certified, rather than just LEED Green Associate.

   By Corey G. - Attended class on January 12, 2015

I thought the course was well laid out...going over exactly what we need to focus on for the exam. One issue that I personally had was there were slides added in that were not in the book that was shipped out. Not a big deal because the software that was used for the webinar allowed for screen shots to occur. The instructor was very personable and covered the material nicely. I have not taken the exam yet, but I am confident that the prep class has prepared me well. Thanks

   By Yonara N. - Attended class on January 8, 2015

While it was nice to review the content of the book, I don't particularly feel like I've learned much at all about the test itself or the material. The bulk of the course was reading through the power point presentation that mirrors the participant book provided exactly. Having taken prep exams before and noticing the tricky nature of the exam, I hoped for more clarity on how to prepare for those questions more than knowing the core of factual information/reading through content. It was ok overall but I don't feel I've gained anything.

   By Marcia K. - Attended class on January 8, 2015

She was great. Very knowledgable and strongly encouraged questions. Did research on questions during breaks and gave more details. Highly recommend her as an instructor.
Unrelated to her, we could use a bit more time to cover all the material. It's pretty dense. A few more hours would have been helpful. But I learned a lot and look forward to taking the test. Best. Marcia

   By Alex D. - Attended class on January 8, 2015

Jean was very helpful for me and guided me through the LEED subject manner at a steady pace and gave ample time for any questions that needed to be answered. As a word of advice for future students be very careful when reading the questions and look out for the choose 2 and choose 3 questions, as they can be very tricky. Sometimes you even have to choose 4! I would highly recommend taking a course instructed by Jean whether you're a slow or fast learner.

   By George M. - Attended class on January 8, 2015

Jean was concise and covered the information in a timely manner. I enjoyed the class time.
Thank you.

   By Malcolm B. - Attended class on December 18, 2014

very knowledgeable in her work and experienced. she knew answers to just about every answer. overall great class.

   By Helen B. - Attended class on December 18, 2014

Absolutely awesome!

   By Lydia M. - Attended class on December 15, 2014

Terrific course to take to prep for the class the instructor was very well prepared and did a great job explaining the information in a clear way.

   By Anthony S. - Attended class on December 10, 2014

Enjoyed class

   By Tamara V. - Attended class on December 10, 2014

Jean Cipriano is an EXCELLENT teacher! It's a lot to take in within the amount of time given, but she helps answer any questions along the way. I would recommend this class to others in the future.

   By Matt G. - Attended class on December 10, 2014

Jean was good.

   By Larry B. - Attended class on December 10, 2014

As this was my first webinar, I did not know what to expect when I enrolled. I read a review that stated it was merely a regurgitation of the accompanying slides. For my part, my investment in this class was beyond beneficial. I took advantage of the interactive format and asked MANY questions, and Jean's thoughtful answers provided me what I needed to not only understand the material better, but also to gauge how I needed to develop my personal study program. Jean was very professional and had both a clear passion for the material and a desire to impart the certification syllabus to enhance our understanding. I consider this course as one of the best educational investments I've made since attending college. I cannot say enough good things about it, and I look forward to a long relationship with Green Education Services as I pursue post LEED GA certifications.

   By Ailar S. - Attended class on December 10, 2014

She is so knowlagble.

   By Guillermo A. - Attended class on December 8, 2014

I was pleased with the instructor and his knowledge in the field. He was friendly and polite, and wanted to explain every question we had, making sure we understood.

   By Scott L. - Attended class on December 4, 2014

Articulate, clear and positive!

   By David M. - Attended class on December 1, 2014

The instructor was great!!

   By Janel D. - Attended class on December 1, 2014

The 2 day course was a good length of time.
Instructor kept the subject matter interesting and gave good practical examples of how and when to use.

   By Dawn C. - Attended class on December 1, 2014

Anne was generally knowledgeable about the contents of the course but doesn't seem completely comfortable answering detailed questions about v4.

   By Alfred K. - Attended class on November 22, 2014

Excellent teacher and great instructor.
Will recommend.

   By Richa J. - Attended class on November 19, 2014

Absolutely thorough! Very attentive, took her time and didn't rush us.

Thank you for all the help! It worked and I passed my exam 2 weeks later!

   By Nicole A. - Attended class on November 19, 2014

Jean was a great teacher who worked hard to lay out all the information in the time allotted. I enjoyed the class and conversation, and appreciate the instructor being well prepared to teach a great course.

   By Larry P. - Attended class on November 17, 2014

Lisa is a wonderful instructor. She made what I was thinking was going to be a very boring class into a very engaging experience.


   By Chip W. - Attended class on November 17, 2014

Wonderful communication great experience overall. Our staff really enjoyed the way she lead our discussion. Thrilled with the experience and now ready to study and pass the test!

   By Robert B. - Attended class on November 17, 2014

Very friendly and down to earth. She was willing to go back and review things if we requested.

   By Kendra H. - Attended class on November 17, 2014

Joan was amazing. She kept us on task and interested the entire class. I am excited to take the AP Class with her as well!

   By Christian K. - Attended class on November 17, 2014

Joan is a true asset to Everblue. The material was very relavant to our industry and the examples were great. The instructor kept my attention and was very interactive with the students and answered all questions. Although I have not taken the test yet, I feel like I have a solid knowledge of the material and have gained additional confidence.

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