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LEED Green Associate
Exam Prep (Tier 1)

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

For those just beginning a career in green building or getting started with LEED.
LEED Green Associate is the first credential in LEED certification. GreenEDU's in-person seminar is the best way to guarantee your success on the LEED Exam. Learn More About
LEED GA Exam Prep »

LEED AP+ Exam Prep
(Tier 2)

LEED AP Exam Prep

For current Green Associates or experienced LEED professionals.
Signify your green building expertise by passing the LEED AP exam. GreenEDU's exam prep courses provide an in-depth analysis of LEED and sustainable design principles. Learn More About
LEED AP Exam Prep »

LEED Continuing Education (CMP)

Online LEED Certification

Already LEED Accredited?
Our catalogue of online continuing education courses makes it easy to renew your LEED credential. You can take one course at a time or even find complete packages for any of your LEED Continuing Ed CMP training needs! Learn More About

Group & Corporate
LEED Training

In-House LEED Training

Have a group and want us to come to you?
We can bring our expert LEED Certification training directly to your office! Save time & money by consolidating your training needs into a customized training solution for the whole team. Learn More About
LEED Group Seminars »

The Benefits of LEED Certification

Leave the Competition Behind. Whether you are a freelance designer, or head of a multi-million dollar corporation, it is important to stay on top of the cutting edge trends in your industry. In this economy, you can't risk losing out on bids and potential business because you aren't in the know. Having an Accredited Professional on staff can be a highly marketable asset. For example, did you know that all GBCI registered projects that have an Accredited Professional on the job receive an extra point towards the project certification? This easy, single point can be the difference between the project being awarded a Gold versus Silver status. This is just one of many examples of why having an Accredited Professional on staff can give you an edge over your competition.

Signify Your Green Building Expertise. You've worked hard to become educated on green building concepts and strategies. Turn this knowledge into a tangible credential, developed and backed by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Green Associate and Accredited Professional credentials have gained national and global notoriety as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system becomes one of the most widely used standards for green building and design. Having these credentials after your name and on your resume will help you become a more attractive candidate for green jobs, consulting gigs, and other opportunities in the green building field.

New Directions, New Business. Capitalize on the Green Collar economy. Whether you are looking to start a new career path, or develop new business for your company, accreditation can be a stepping-stone to new contacts and new opportunities for success in the green building and design fields.

Make a Difference in How We Design & Build. Many current methods used in the building industry can be harmful to our planet, our communities, and even our health. Take action towards improving this system, by learning and implementing more sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient practices. Whether it's developing improved waste management strategies, or spearheading the installation of a green roof, individuals of all skills and backgrounds can play an integral role in promoting and implementing this change.

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Earning Your Credential

With LEED Exam Prep courses available as public courses, in-house training, and online webinars, becoming accredited has never been easier! Green Education Services provides you with the necessary tools to pass the Green Associate and AP exams on the first try. Schedule a course today to begin the accreditation process!

If you still have questions about GreenEDU's training, please click here and complete the required fields on our contact form.

Recent LEED Certification Student Reviews

   By Anthony Z. - Attended class on September 23, 2015

very informative class! great instructor! !

   By James K. - Attended class on September 18, 2015

Lisa was great and she provided good relevant examples of the things she presented during the class.

   By Anu T. - Attended class on September 18, 2015

She was good and informative. However, she was very rushed as she arrived over an hour late. While she shared a lot of information about LEED with good examples, she only discussed specifics about how the information translates on the exam after being asked. Some of the questions were answered well, while others were not.

   By Karl S. - Attended class on September 18, 2015

Lisa was very knowledgeable about LEED and what info is needed for the test. Class was fast paced and covered a lot in a little time, but that is fine with me! Thanks and I'll definitely be taking the BDC review course when the time comes.

   By Chris S. - Attended class on September 16, 2015

I really liked the instructor, Lorne. He brings personality and life to the material and makes it interesting.
The location of the course was poor for me. Traffic and parking around the UofT campus is a nightmare, and the room itself was hot, stuffy and uncomfortable.
I like the amount of ongoing information prior to the course, and also lots of information given afterwards. I feel prepared to take the exam.

   By James H. - Attended class on September 10, 2015

The instructor was great and I really enjoyed the class

   By Geremie G. - Attended class on August 26, 2015

Very knowledgeable and kept it exciting.

   By Jack M. - Attended class on August 18, 2015

Scott Hoover was very personable and asked us a lot of questions and was patient with our questions. My only complaint was that the printed material and the slide presentation were not the same and it threw him off several times.

   By HOWARD C. - Attended class on August 3, 2015


   By Frank G. - Attended class on July 28, 2015

Very informative and engaging. Great overall experience.

   By Amy M. - Attended class on July 21, 2015

My instructor was great! She was knowledgeable and was able to answer any question thrown her way. Her presentation was clear and left no questions unanswered by the end of the second day. She encouraged me so much that I am confident I will be taking and passing the exam very soon..

   By Sean O. - Attended class on July 13, 2015

John is knowledgeable and passionate about the green building industry. The class was clear and organized and the presentation was useful. He also provided insight beyond the printed material.

   By Joshua M. - Attended class on July 13, 2015

I think Paul was great, he kept the course fun and engaged all of the students. We all had fun it seemed and the time really flew by.

   By Rebekah H. - Attended class on July 9, 2015

Very informative. Class did not drag and the instructor really emphasized what we need to know for the LEED GA Exam.

   By Chris G. - Attended class on June 15, 2015

Fantastic instructor! Very informative and personable.

   By Thomas D. - Attended class on June 15, 2015

The instructor was well prepared and knowledgeable the course information was a bit too much for a 8 hour day however it was easy to follow.

   By Rae Lyn D. - Attended class on June 13, 2015

She was great! Extremely informative and energetic! I learned so much from Joan and wish her the best!!!

   By Tabatha P. - Attended class on June 13, 2015

The professor was very professional and knowledgeable Joan Mohon
I was trying to give her 5 stars but this program won't let me....

   By Mark S. - Attended class on May 29, 2015

The course was good in that it covers a great deal of information. However, the information was sometimes loosely organized. Better material organization should be considered.

   By Nidhi C. - Attended class on May 29, 2015

She was a really good teacher. She knew her material very well and knew knowledge of related topics which made the class a lot more interesting. We discussed topics related to the material so the lecture wasn't boring. She was respectful of other people's opinions.

   By lewis c. - Attended class on May 27, 2015

the class was very informative it gave me a new perspective on what lead actually is this is something that can be used for future use whether it's new construction or daily operations

   By TERI S. - Attended class on May 26, 2015

good general overview of LEED. learned a lot about how it works.

   By Aviad K. - Attended class on May 20, 2015

Great teacher and great learning environment. next time specify that you provide lunch because there wasn't any kosher food.

   By Steven B. - Attended class on May 18, 2015

Fantastic exam prep seminar presented by Steve Alfaro; informative and knowledgeable, Steve was a fount of information and made the day a great success fielding all manner of industry related questions as they applied to LEED principles. Brilliant!

   By Tracey S. - Attended class on May 18, 2015

Excellent job!
Wow Could not believe how much information he covered in one day. It was a full day but he kept us engaged in the topic. His explanations on content were well thought and. Easy to understand. I liked the way he tied the content to real life situations. It made things easier to understand. Job well done.

   By Bill F. - Attended class on May 18, 2015

Steve was great! Very knowledgeable about the material and very welcoming to questions! Great class!

   By Ladislav D. - Attended class on May 13, 2015

I enjoyed it. Speech rate was adjusted to nonenglishnatives, the 'humanity' was felt in voice very important without visual contact and slides easy to follow. Enjoyed the course.

   By Lenka D. - Attended class on May 13, 2015

very good trainning, thank you

   By Anna M. - Attended class on May 13, 2015

I have enjoyed it!

   By Mehreen S. - Attended class on May 13, 2015

She was great! The knowledge she bought to the table was very valuable, personally to me.
i would have loved to get more of her time in the second half of the study materials, when the topics get a bit harder, There should be an extra 1/2 hour to go over them. And jean would have been the expert opinion on them!

   By Eugene C. - Attended class on May 11, 2015

Michael is a great instructor. He was good at pacing the course by minimizing conversations outside of the curriculum. He is knowledgeable about the LEED's certification and accreditation processes.

   By Brian B. - Attended class on April 25, 2015

The LEED Associate class was very informative. The instructor was very energetic and made it fun to be in the classroom on a Saturday !

   By Eloina L. - Attended class on April 23, 2015

it was good.

   By Demetri Z. - Attended class on April 22, 2015

Great prepclass. Very informative

   By James B. - Attended class on April 22, 2015

Wonderful class and a wonderful teacher. Thanks.

   By Kevin C. - Attended class on April 21, 2015

Good Class

   By Paul R. - Attended class on April 20, 2015


She was very good instructor thank you

   By Andrew S. - Attended class on April 14, 2015

Tehmina was a great instructor. I think it was good balance of covering knowledge areas as well as what was needed for the test overall. I would study with her again.


   By Heather A. - Attended class on April 13, 2015

John was a good instructor. He did a good job covering all of the material.

   By Paula B. - Attended class on April 13, 2015

the instructor was very skilled at covering a huge amount of information in a way that was not confusing and that's not easy to do. this test still requires initiative on your part to study intensely after the seminar for 3 or 4 days

   By Megan O. - Attended class on April 11, 2015

The instructor was very thorough and not only seemed knowledgeable but also seemed to generally care about the topic he was teaching.

   By Eric M. - Attended class on April 9, 2015

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, my only gripe was that he covered too much during the 4 hour period, it seemed somewhat rushed. If the curriculum was disseminated over the course of two classes I think it would have been better. Still worth the price of admission though!

   By Kurt T. - Attended class on April 8, 2015

Instructor has a lot of experience and covered a lot of material very thoroughly.

   By Jeremy M. - Attended class on March 26, 2015

Good information. Wish it had more examples of current or previous LEED projects included for reference.

   By Don H. - Attended class on March 23, 2015

Instructor was very engaging, articulate and thorough with the material.

Very glad I decided to take the course....instructor was just great.

   By James B. - Attended class on March 17, 2015

The instructor, Joan, was, as usual, great I had her before for the GA prep. However, the course itself could use some improvement. Maybe there's just so much info to cover but I felt there were some topics missed and we also didn't have time for enough practice questions.

   By Raymond K. - Attended class on March 17, 2015

Too much material for just two days, no real time to review material in class.

   By Sharon H. - Attended class on March 13, 2015

Lisa was wonderful and is obviously very knowledgable about working to achieve LEED certification, the exam material, and exam preparation. She was very energetic and I appreciate that she is available after the class via email for questions. Thanks, Lisa!

   By Dan H. - Attended class on March 13, 2015

very good and made it interesting and fun

   By Travis C. - Attended class on March 13, 2015

Instructor was great, but hard to follow the slides at some points. The Powerpoint didn't match the course hand out, and various times we had to cross out or revise the course hand out. Instructor was great!

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