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This Blueprint Reading workshop provides the blueprint fundamentals needed for residential and light commercial projects. This course will help you to organize and apply blueprint reading skills towards preparing accurate forecasts of the materials, labor and costs involved in a project. This course is also beneficial for those students testing for the Contractors State License Exam who have little experience in applying blueprint reading to their trades.

Be Competitive! Reading blueprints is a basic skill set required to be competitive in the industry and to make your business successful. If you need to develop these important fundamental skills, then sign up for this course today!

What's included
  • Learn how to read and use blueprints
  • Learn to estimate costs from blue prints to provide more accurate estimates
  • Course Completion Certificate 
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Below are the most recent student reviews for previous Blueprint Reading Courses.

Average Rating: (4.8 out of 5 stars - 5 student reviews)

Tamara M. Tamara M.

- Attended class on February 21, 2015

Steve was great and very helpful.

Denise S. Denise S.

- Attended class on February 7, 2015

Awesome teacher! Am looking forward to the estimating class.

Jennifer S. Jennifer S.

- Attended class on June 21, 2014

Great class. I feel the instructor was very thorough with the information. Excellent for anyone who has never looked at plans.

Amber S. Amber S.

- Attended class on June 21, 2014

Really enjoyed the class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class fun. I highly recommend him.

Alberto A. Alberto A.

- Attended class on February 23, 2013

Very informative and easy to understand. Will work one on one if you do not understand something. Not just reading out of a book and expecting for students to understand. Very repetitive on terms and ideas to help them soak in your head. Still have 2 more class sessions to complete. So far so good.