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If you are just beginning your career in green building or if you are not currently a LEED AP, the LEED Green Associate Accreditation is for you! Green Associate is the introductory-level credential for LEED, and demonstrates a general understanding of all the LEED rating systems. Our LEED GA seminars provide an introduction to green building and sustainable design principles, specifically as they relate to USGBC's LEED green building rating system. It prepares individuals to pass the LEED Green Associate exam on the first try, and is the first step in becoming a LEED professional.

Why Should You Attend This LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Seminar?

1) The Green Associate Exam Handbook contains over a dozen separate documents and resources that are considered "primary sources" for the exam. This seminar combines the most important information from these resources into an accessible, comprehensive workshop, creating a focused and organized study path for exam candidates.

2) Participants can use the course certificate of completion for self-reporting the 8 contact hours of instruction for continuing education hours.

3) The LEED Green Associate Seminar is an interactive, intimate and intense collaborative learning experience including analysis of real-world examples of LEED principles and certified projects; study techniques that will help you become exam-prepared in as little as 20 hours; supplementary study materials; on-going phone/email support from your instructor until your test date; and more!



The purpose of this course is to familiarize the individual with the required information for the LEED Green Associate Exam as a supplement to individual preparation. We begin with an overview of sustainability and the integrated design process and then proceed to detail the individual areas of focus. "Real world" project examples are used throughout the day and the instructor will organize the complicated green building strategies into a simple and easy to follow dialogue. The session concludes with an introduction to computer-based testing, and a "road map" for study preparation.


Topics To Be Covered Include:

  • Basic Green Building Principles LEED
  • Core Concepts
  • LEED Process & Integration
  • Technical Analysis for LEED Credits / Strategies


I. Introduction
II. Sustainable Design and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
III. LEED Green Building Rating Systems
   -LEED Basics
   -Accreditation Overview
   -Certification and Registration Processes
IV. Strategies & Concepts of LEED
   -Sustainable Sites
   -Water Efficiency
   -Energy & Atmosphere
   -Materials & Resources
   -Indoor Environmental Quality
   -Innovation in Design & Regional Prioritization
V. Study Techniques & Introduction to the Testing Environment

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Below are the most recent reviews for Marie from Green Education Services, the awesome instructor for this course.

Average Rating: (4.7 out of 5 stars - 32 student reviews)

   By Waymond B. - Attended class on August 29, 2013

Very good instructor would recommend for our future training. Thank you. Give her a raise!

   By Dan B. - Attended class on August 29, 2013

Instructor was very knowledgeable as to the subject and I feel well prepared for my upcoming examinations.

   By Jerry L. - Attended class on August 29, 2013

Marie did a great job presenting the material and emphasizing relevant information to study and learn.

   By Kevin P. - Attended class on August 29, 2013

Very Informative

   By Ksenia P. - Attended class on August 29, 2013

Marie did a great job at introducing the class to all the essentials needed to take and pass the LEED exam.

   By Marsha P. - Attended class on November 15, 2012

The instructor was excellent. She was well versed on the subject and made the entire day extremely interesting.

   By Christopher F. - Attended class on November 15, 2012

Marie covered all the material thoroughly and within the allotted time. She answered all questions and did a great job. I feel very well prepared for the LEED Green Associate test as a result.

   By Andrea R. - Attended class on November 15, 2012

The instructor was very good. She knew her material and was very prepared. The only comment I had was that there was a lot of material to cover in 1 day, a 2 day training may be best for this course.

   By Elena N. - Attended class on November 15, 2012

Marie was very knowledgable on the subject.

   By Matrina B. - Attended class on November 15, 2012

Maria is a nice and friendly person who you felt comfortable with doing training. I learn about human and environmental health water savings, energy efficiency, and indoor environment quality. She explain her self well doing class and answers all questions we had for her. This is my feedback and I am pretty sure i miss something but at this time this is what I am submitting. Thanks again!

   By Temnit T. - Attended class on November 15, 2012

Marie was awesome! She was very knowledgeable and helped me understand some of the "Green" concepts using her real life experiences.

   By Madhukar S. - Attended class on October 24, 2012


   By Ralph M. - Attended class on October 24, 2012

Well Spoken. Detailed and used examples to further our understanding of the lecture.

   By Gregory J. - Attended class on October 24, 2012

We had a team teaching situation in NYC with Marie, who is a wonderful instructor, and Jean, an enthusiastic, passionate instructor who said, "Sustainability is not a luxury. It is a necessity." That point really hit home! I am glad I participated in this seminar with the best of the best. Thanks guys!

   By Amarilis S. - Attended class on October 24, 2012

Very detailed and informative.

   By Mike W. - Attended class on August 23, 2012

Marie was very knowledgealbe and helped understand how to process questions and think LEED.

   By Edward W. - Attended class on August 23, 2012

Ms. Marberg was excellent with presenting the material, answering questions, and finding answers. Her demeanor, knowledge, and pointers about the exam made the long day seem shorter and very worthwhile.

   By Diane C. - Attended class on August 23, 2012

excellent the day flew by

   By carol s. - Attended class on August 15, 2012

Good solid overview of the material needed for the GA exam. Good discussion of how the exam works and how to study for it. Marie was an impressive teacher teaching for 8 hours straight.

   By Andrew M. - Attended class on August 15, 2012

Well spoken

   By Daryl B. - Attended class on August 15, 2012

Marie was a great instructor. She presented the subject with finesse. It is not often that a teacher makes a boring subject so interesting.

   By Antoinette D. - Attended class on August 15, 2012

The class was good and the material acceptable.

   By Monique D. - Attended class on July 19, 2012

Instructor was very knowledgable and the course provided a concise overview and covered everything needed to study for and take the GA exam. Training space was very nice, lunch provided, and good posttraining follow up.

   By Caroline E. - Attended class on July 12, 2012

Marie was a fantastic teacher!

   By Lorie M. - Attended class on July 12, 2012

Awesome training and very nice classroom. The lunch was great. Good job Marie!

   By Karl K. - Attended class on June 18, 2012

Excellent exam preparation

   By Kelly N. - Attended class on June 18, 2012

Marie Marberg is a excellent trainer.. I enjoyed her class 2x this past year. Thanks Green Ed

   By Michael G. - Attended class on June 14, 2012

This was a very helpful course. The instructor was knowledgable in the material she was teaching. Thank you

   By Geoffrey G. - Attended class on June 14, 2012

Very informative, well organized and presented.

   By James M. - Attended class on June 11, 2012

A good instructor who provided a realistic introduction to the GA certification process. Will gladly recommend her to other candidates.

   By Sachin L. - Attended class on May 11, 2012


   By Bickey D. - Attended class on April 13, 2012

She was good instructor. She explained every thing clearly.

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